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Everyone hired with Integration One, Inc. undergoes an essential background investigation of their criminal and credit histories to ensure that all employees are “reliable, trustworthy, of good conduct and character, and loyal to the United States.” In addition, company positions that include access to sensitive information generally require a security clearance. This clearance must be obtained to determine the applicant’s trustworthiness and reliability before granting them access to national security information.

You can rest easy knowing that each member of Integration One has obtained either a Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret security clearance.

Please note that an Interim Security Clearance grants the applicant time for final clearances in less than 90 days. Classified work can be performed temporarily until a background investigation is completed with an interim security clearance.

CEO: Matt Beckwith

Customer Centric Focus!

Matt Beckwith is the CEO of Integration One, Inc. His 20 years of decisive business leadership have resulted in growing multimillion-dollar companies. His work ethic and team approach have driven organizational improvements and motivated team members to be their best selves. Matt’s outstanding people skills resolve numerous company financial, human resources, legal, and operations issues.

Growth-oriented business leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and career hallmarked by success energizing stagnant growth trends and skyrocketing revenue and net profit margins for Fortune-ranked companies up to 200%. Protect the core business while mitigating risk and leveraging proactive thinking to obliterate roadblocks to growth and transformation. A respected leader is known for capitalizing on intellectual curiosity and the ability to lead diverse teams through complex projects. Champion equity, inclusion, and belonging while fostering a safe working environment for diverse perspectives and insights to deliver innovation and push companies out of their comfort zones to achieve unprecedented growth.

Career Highlights

Þ    Stabilized mission-critical SQL server farm. Uncovered and addressed long-standing problematic occurrences and corrected technology specifications that were outdated and ineffective.  

Þ    Orchestrated cloud (Extranet) banking solution implementation, seamlessly migrating legacy systems to the cloud for seven banking institutions in Tokyo, Japan.

Þ    Leveraged extensive technology expertise in robotics, cybersecurity, and emerging technology and business savvy to help clients realize business transformations and solve complex challenges to deliver growth, stabilized operations, and bring order to chaos.

Core Competencies

Enterprise Risk Assessment ▪ Corporate Vision & Planning ▪ Finance, Treasury & Accounting ▪ Mergers & Acquisitions ▪ Global Leadership ▪ Risk & Compliance ▪ GAAP Requirements ▪ SOX Risk Assessment ▪ Audit Plan Prep & Management

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"The Team at Integration One was a pleasant surprise to work with compared to other relations. Fast, efficient, and effective in completing every task on-time!"
Mia Watson - NSA
"Process efficiency is one of Integration One's strengths. They streamlined two of our established processes saving the organization over 220 million dollars per year!"
Tim Colton - TSA
"It was good to see a vendor who was flexible in time constraints and completed the projects on-time and within budget! I hope to work with Integration One soon."
Adam Walnick - Army


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